Now you can have your very own Stranger Things Dart plush doll

We can’t all have a blood-thirsty inter-dimensional pet like Dustin’s in Stranger Things 2, but we can have the next best thing: a harmless plush doll version of it.

Funko has announced that they’ll be releasing a new line of toys inspired by the characters from the Netflix series’ second season.

One of which is a nesting plush doll version of Dustin’s pet-turned-monster, Dart. It comes in three evolutionary forms: a one-inch pollywog, a two-inch slug, and a nine-inch Demodog. Each stage of the doll can even fit inside the other.

If you want something scarier, the company will also be releasing a six-inch edition of Dart, as well as another model of the OG Demogorgon.

For fans of the classic Funko figurines, there will also be two new packs: the first features Dustin and Dart, and the second shows Eleven in her bitchin punk outfit.

The Dart doll will be available in February 2018, while the two new Funkos will arrive in December. Head on over here to find out more.