Millennials can now decorate their Christmas trees with avocado toast

Here’s another reason why millennials can’t afford houses.

Upscale culinary store ‘Sur La Table’ is selling a collection of food-inspired Christmas ornaments, including one that looks like a miniature version of avocado toast.

Much like the real ones sold in restaurants, this handmade holiday ornament is overpriced and clearly beyond any millennial’s budget, with each piece costing US$17 (AUS$22).

If you’re not buying into the avocado hype, Sur La Table has other pricey designs available, like a bowl of ramen (US$27 or AUS$35), a six-pack of beer (US$30 or AUS$39), and uncooked bacon (US$20 or AUS$26), among many others.

To know more about the ornament collection, head on over here.