This map that shows every vinyl store in the world is a thing of beauty

Searching for rare vinyl is a task made more difficult by the lack of information about existing record stores. Well, not anymore.

VinylHub is an interactive, crowd-sourced map that hopes to document every record seller in the world. Think of it as Discogs, but for physical record stores.

Using it is pretty straightforward: open the custom Google map, zoom in to your preferred location, and check out the vinyl stores in that area. And if a shop you know isn’t there, you can even make an entry for it.

While it’s not yet fully complete, the map already has hundreds, if not thousands, of listing across the globe. It’s especially helpful for travelers who want to find a record seller in a foreign country.

The website also offers interesting data about the industry. For instance, did you know that the United States has the most record shops per country, but Tokyo has the most record stores per city?

Also, the most remote vinyl shop is a cluster of CD stalls in a produce market in the Kingdom of Tonga in the middle of the Pacific. The northernmost is in Alta, Norway, while the southernmost is in Invercargill, New Zealand.

Head on over to VinylHub to join for free and contribute to the community.