Pennywise is photoshopped into engagement photos – creepy or amazing?

Getting engaged is one of the biggest milestones in a couple’s relationship and of course you want beautiful commemorative photos to look back on and to show future children and grandchildren.

But what happens when you’ve got a trickster for a brother?

Twitter user Jesse McLaren took the opportunity to mess with his sister when he helped out by taking her engagement photos and the results are hilarious. He took Pennywise the clown from It and strategically placed him seamlessly into the snaps.

McLaren shared the pics to his Twitter and told them he was counting down until she noticed. Let’s hope she likes clowns.

It didn’t take long, his sister was onto it straight away. She wasn’t even mad, but how could you be with something this clever and funny. She even joked about using them.

The internet is a savage place and it seemed that McLaren’s followers weren’t as bothered by the evil clown as they were by his sister’s fiance’s clothing.

It is fair to say that these photographs are disturbing and fantastic and from now on everyone should have characters from horror films photoshopped into their engagement photos.