YES voters are fighting back with beautiful messages on the defaced George Michael mural

The survey may be over and YES may have won, but some of the toxicity we saw throughout the campaign lingers.

A mural depicting George Michael as a saint in Sydney’s inner west has been defaced twice since the survey ended.

ABC News reports that a group of residents set up camp near the mural on Saturday night and encouraged passers-by to graffiti messages of support on the defaced mural.

Messages such as “TOO LATE LOVE WON” and “LOVE CONQUERS ALL” are now scrawled on the large black splotch of paint that covers the mural.

The first attack on the mural occrred on Friday when a man wearing an Azztek Stone company shirt blazenly sprayed painted over the artwork.

It took all of about three hours for Azztek to track this mug down and the company has since fired him and offered to compensate for the damage done.

The second attack took place soon after when a man showed up and started using a roller to cover the mural in black paint.

“I’m defending my religion,” he said, clearly misinterpreting the meaning of every word in that sentence.

New South Wales police have officially charged the second offender and he is scheduled to appear in court on December 7th.

Scott Marsh, the artist who painted the mural, posted on Instagram about the attacks. Marsh openly supported the YES campaign and also painted a mural of former Prime Minister Tony Abbott marrying himself.

“I feel terrible and I’m so sorry to all the locals who have had to endure the intimidation and bullshit during the past nights attacks,” he wrote. “It is completely surreal to see images and hear stories of groups of men, religious fanatics, travelling into these communities to intimidate locals & forcefully remove their public artwork.”

“Its sad really sad… so much for free speech and freedom of expression in Australia… Thanks so much for the dozens of messages of support i have received! Ill write back to them all today. The mural’s now beyond repair, time to let the dust settle. But i can promise you George will be back bigger and better than (and with a graffiti proof coating).”

So one guy lost his job, the other is going to court and George Michael will return. Love wins again, folks.