Featured Image for That same-sex marriage mural of Tony Abbott and George Pell has been vandalised

That same-sex marriage mural of Tony Abbott and George Pell has been vandalised

On Wednesday, love might have prevailed after Australia voted ‘yes’ to same-sex marriage, but in the suburb of Newton in Sydney, hatred still remains.

A controversial mural by street artist Scott Marsh was vandalised just hours after completion. It depicts former PM Tony Abbott in a wedding dress intimately drinking with a half-naked Cardinal George Pell in rainbow underwear.

The caption reads: ‘THE HAPPY ENDING.”

? ‘The Happy Ending’ Behind the @bvhnewtown Newtown. Oh Yes!?️‍? The pub tapping a free keg of @frankstrongs from 630pm to celebrate the Yes vote ✌??️‍?? Yew!! #tonyabbott #georgepell #voteyes #hensparty #penisstraw #hoggingthebuff #voteyes #bridetobe #lgbtq #happyending #loveislove

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The artwork, which can be found on the wall of the Botany View Hotel, was made in celebration of the Yes marriage equality survey result. Marsh finished the mural on Wednesday night, but five hours later, he posted a picture of his creation with paint splattered all over it.

“I came in this morning and it was like that,” he said. “I don’t think anyone saw anything.”

? What a great collaboration with the church! They have really over-emphasised George Pell’s excitement at the historic ‘yes’ vote ?️‍? by plastering his face with white ‘paint’. Well done??? Cum check out the additions @bvhnewtown #tonyabbott #georgepell #lovewins #loveislove #thesuperhappyending

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But that wasn’t the end of it. Later the next morning, three men were caught defacing the artwork further, covering it with black paint. The group also allegedly vandalised a nearby mural by the same artist.

News.com.au even obtained footage of the incident.

“Why are you painting over it?” asks one woman, to which one of the men replies: “Because it’s offensive to the general public. It’s pornography mate.”

The woman responds: “You know that it’s in Newtown, right?”

The man replies: “Ah yeah, OK, it’s still part of Australia.”

The woman shifts the conversation: “So the general public, did you hear the result yesterday?”

“The vote was for gay marriage, not for this painting,” the man says. “It’s Australia, it’s a free country, when I do want to come here, I don’t want to see this.”

No one, though, has yet to file a report with the NSW Police.

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