Lost At E Minor x Adobe Creative Jam: this app uses the weather report to pick the BEST places to travel to right now

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Instead of reading travel magazines to decide where you’ll go on your next vacation, how would you feel about asking the weatherman for travel tips?

At the recently-held Lost At E Minor x Adobe Creative Jam in Sydney, designers Jackie Yacoub and Katarzyna ‘Kasia’ Wojcikowska were asked to develop an app prototype using the brief, ‘See a Different World’, and had to do it in just five and a half hours.

Using Adobe XD, the all-in-one UX/UI solution for digital design, Jackie and Kasia delivered a prototype that would eventually win first place in the competition.

Called ‘Weather Go’, the app redefines how we search for holiday destinations. Rather than searching for locations based on, say, locations, the technology asks you what weather you desire the most. It’ll then pull up a list of places which boast your desired climate at that time of the year.

Weather Go

You can check out ‘Weather Go’ here, but as previously mentioned, it’s only a prototype (for now), so go easy on it.

While we’re all eagerly waiting for Jackie and Kasia to finish developing the app, we chatted with them to find out more about their work. Have a look:

Tell us about the creative process Weather Go prototype: where did the idea come from and how did you bring it to life using Adobe software?

Jackie: “We started out thinking of things to explore such as movie settings or even the dinosaur period, but then felt that this wouldn’t relate to our audience enough so we focused on climates.

“Most people like to travel depending on what temperature they like or what activities they want to take part in on holidays so by creating an app where users can choose based on season, it gives them the freedom to explore new locations they’ve never been to before.

“We tailored the app to feature images from locations, provide enough information for the user about the locations so they wouldn’t have to do more exploring and neat features like the temperature (in both F and C) so they would know exactly what to expect on arrival.”

Kasia: “To me, traveling around the world is one of the most beautiful things. However, getting used to the weather in different countries can sometimes be very confusing when you’re used to a different culture, country, etc.

“Everyone has their own idea of the ‘best’ weather. We came up with an idea of how to help users choose travel destinations according to the temperatures and climate that they will feel most comfortable with.

“Or, for example, some people have never seen the snow and they might want to see what the best destinations for them are where they can go and see the snow etc.”

If it’s hot, where would you most like your Weather Go app to send you? What about when it’s freezing?

Jackie: “I’d like to go to the Canary Islands in Spain. The warm weather there is perfect for me as I don’t like it hotter than 25º. As for cold, Alberta, Canada would be amazing for the snow!”

Kasia: “To feel hot, my favorite destination would be Crete with an average temperature of 26°C up to 36°C in July. However, in December to see a ‘White Christmas’ with snow and ice for a change, I would like to go to New York.

“I think it would be nice to see such a beautiful city at that time of year in the cold, but with lots of Christmas lights. Both destinations have totally different climates to Australia.”

Weather Go

Tell us about your own design experience, and your association with The Design Kids?

Jackie: “I’ve been a designer for over five years now, getting into the agency side of things and freelancing at the moment to explore more of what I’d like to pursue in the future.

“I’ve known about TDK since I was at uni, and only recently getting involved with their meetups. I’m originally from Melbourne so to see the contrast of activities and designers involved in Sydney is great.”

Kasia: “I am originally from Poland, but I lived for several years in Ireland. When I arrived in Sydney, I joined the group TDK Sydney and I think it was one of my best decisions. Through TDK, I got to know many amazing people and design companies in Sydney.”

What are your thoughts on the other two apps proposed on the night?

Jackie: “I thought their apps were also wonderful! I could see them being used in the real world and they both seemed very functional – especially from a UX perspective.”

Kasia: “Well done to everyone! I really liked the design and ideas of the other teams. To me, we are all winners. Designing in such a short time, with the pressure of all the crowds around, was quite difficult. However, the other teams managed to pull it all together, and I expect I will hear even more from them in the future.”

You can be a winner, too. Use Adobe XD to create your own app, taking inspiration from the phrase See a Different World, for your chance to win 12 months of Adobe Creative Cloud and a Microsoft Surface Pro, which lets you create, study, work and play. The competition closes at midnight on the 30th November, so get creating! Entry details here.