This Instagram account exposes travel bloggers’ fake camping pics

Instagram might be filled with well-lit, perfectly-framed, beautifully-composed photos, but it’s also filled with BS.

No one know this more than 28-year-old Luisa Jeffery, who runs the Instagram account ‘@YouDidNotSleepThere’, which calls out influencers on their pretentious and unrealistic camping photos.

Basically, she shatters the belief that these travel bloggers live picture-perfect lives by pointing out their fake set-up shots. For instance, Luisa has made fun of photographers whose tents were pitched on cliffs (obvs, a big no-no for any sane person).

According to Luisa, she got the idea for the account during a trip to the Grand Canyon.

“My friend was like, ‘Let’s set the tent up over here and take a picture.’ And I was like, ‘What? Why are you doing that?’ And she was like, ‘People do that all the time!’” she said.

“I was completely caught off guard and thought it was just the most ridiculous thing ever, but when we got back home I started noticing how much people really do that, and I started looking at photos wondering if they were actually legit.”

She added that three camping clichés really piss her off.

“The crazy long exposure night shots with the light in the tent,” she said. “That one drives me crazy. It’s like, ‘Oh let’s throw a light in our tent and take the same photo everyone else has taken 100 times’.

“Camping really close to water. That really gets people going too … [and] hammocks in ridiculous places. Pretty cringe worthy. I just feel like it’s all so cliche now. But people still eat it up, which is insane.”

Unsurprisingly, Luisa has pissed popular people on Instagram, even getting blocked by some of them. But she said it doesn’t bother her at all.

“I do know that when people started blocking me I was like, ‘ahh this is what I’m talking about!’” she said.

So the next time you go on Instagram and see all those stunning travel photos, stop hitting yourself (and your self-esteem) for having an ‘uneventful life’. Most of these images are too good to be true – just ask Luisa.