What each Stranger Things 2 episode would look like as a book cover

Now that we’ve all binge-watched Stranger Things 2, it’s time to obsess over all the fan art that’s come out. And when it comes to fan art, no one’s better than artist Butcher Billy.

The Brazilian creative recently published a series of illustrations that imagine each Stranger Things 2 episode as a book cover. Made in the style of 1980’s pulp paperbacks, each cover features the highlight of every episode, as well as memorable quotes.

For instance in the first episode, Mad Max, the piece shows the Shadow Monster towering over the arcade. Meanwhile, the fourth episode, Will the Wise, depicts Will being enveloped by the strange fog, with a caption that reads: “He likes it cold.”

Previously, the artist made something similar for Black Mirror, which caught the attention of showrunner Charlie Booker. Billy’s art was eventually used on the vinyl soundtrack, and he’s now part of the fourth season’s production design.

You can see the full nine-part collection of Stranger Things 2 illustrations here, which also includes VR tape and Atari cartridge versions.