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Sean Hannity fans are hilariously destroying their own coffee machines

Fans of Fox’s The Sean Hannity Show are protesting the removal of ads from the show by coffee machine company Keurig Green Mountain.

Keurig made the decision to pull their ads after the Fox News host addressed the allegations against Roy Moore, the Senate candidate who made sexual advances towards underage girls when he was in his 30s. Hannity somehow attempted to defend and justify Mr. Moore’s actions, whilst also discrediting the women putting forth the allegations. He called the sexual advance towards a 14-year-old girl “consensual”, and implied that the women putting forth the allegations were liars.

After Hannity’s comments were brought to Keurig’s attention, the company pulled their ads from his show, which Hannity fanboys did not seem too pleased about. In a mass ‘protest’ that will likely result in several Darwin award nominations, viewers of the show began to smash their own Keurig machines, sharing videos of their destruction along with the hashtag #BoycottKeurig and some sort of rant/monologue.

Ignoring the fact that they already purchased the coffee machines they were destroying, the protestors seemed pretty pleased with themselves, as did Hannity himself, tweeting in support of the #BoycottKeurig movement and claiming he would purchase 500 new coffee machines to send to the producers of his favorite #BoycottKeurig videos.

It looked like all Keurig had to do was sit back and watch the madness unfold, soaking up the free publicity, but instead, they managed to pull off an awkward backflip, further complicating their predicament. Bob Gamgort, the Executive Officer of Keurig, sent an email to all employees stating that the ad should not have been pulled as it implied the company was “taking sides in an emotionally charged debate”. The email leaked to the press, and Keurig received public criticism for suggesting that the paedophilic allegations against Mr. Moore are bipartisan political issues.

Hannity later appeared to defend Keurig, suggesting that the company had been misled by a left-leaning organization called Media Matters, and encouraging his listeners to stop destroying their machines.

“I accept the apology of the Keurig CEO. Frankly, I think they were victims of a group they knew nothing about” he said on his radio show. He also distanced himself from the protest, claiming that he personally owns five Keurig machines, despite his earlier tweets supporting the movement.

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