Hollywood’s sunny side: People are sharing epic stories of celebrities doing good

From actors to rock stars to wrestlers, this flurry of firsthand accounts is so satisfying to read.

In the wake of one of the lowest points in Hollywood history, with some huge names including actor and LGBT champion George Takei getting caught up in sexual assault allegations, the good people of the internet have decided that enough is enough.

“In response to the overwhelming volume of bad celebrity stories, people have been taking to Twitter today to share their often unheralded encounters with nice celebrities who have done good, selfless, kind things. And it’s all a bit wonderful,” wrote Cam Tyeson.

We recently reported on Tom Hanks doing something for a fan at a book signing, and these tweets go right along with that topnotch gesture.

The stream of positive vibes was prompted by a post from Twitter user Bakoon, who has over 51,000 followers:

Check out the Twitterverse’s response:

“It goes without saying that the amount of good people in the industry will forever outweigh the bad, but in an era where the bad stories have to be told and told loudly, sometimes it’s nice to sit back, take a few moments off, and pay attention to some nice things. It’s good for the soul,” added Tyeson.

We couldn’t agree more. These were absolutely terrific, and we didn’t even include half of the tweets. Feel free to peruse the other replies.

In a world where bad news sells, and so many are quick to judge and tear each other down, it’s so refreshing to see people sharing these kinds of stories.