This artist turns travel memories into the most memorable tattoos

What’s the best way to memorialise your travels? You could take pictures, buy souvenirs, or better yet, get a tattoo – but preferably one done by French artist Franck Pellegrino.

The Paris-based tattooist started his creative career as a street artist when he was only 15 years old. He took up tattooing some six years ago, and has since developed a style that’s a hit with travelers.

Inspired by the aesthetic of 1930’s postcards and posters, Pellegrino’s monochrome tattoos are characterised by fine lines and retro typography. Each composition usually has a combination of travel motifs (such as stamps, bank notes, emblems, and airplanes) and the countries the client has visited (like New York, Tokyo, Paris, and Mexico).

The human body isn’t the only canvas that Pellegrino works on. At times, he puts his iconic artwork on posters, skateboards, walls, and even tiles.

To see more of Franck Pellegrino’s work, you can check out his Instagram page.