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WTF! This advertising is so hot people are actually calling 911

Here’s what happens when advertising goes wrong.

The Sheriff’s Office of Brown County is looking to iron out some creases that have arisen in an advertising campaign for the Green Bay Packers NFL team.

The frontrunners of the team, Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb, are pictured on a billboard advertising their partnership with Associated Bank. With the help of a fog machine billowing smoke, the players are shown as being so hot that they’re on fire .

Unfortunately, the campaign has gone right over the head of many Americans and they’ve seen the cloud of fake smoke as a disaster scene, not a clever marketing campaign, and the sign has prompted dozens of incoming 911 calls notifying officials that the signs are  on fire.

Even though the smoking signs are causing some distress to passersby, the noise is causing some pretty good marketing. Hence, the signs are to remain and, in fairness, they look pretty boss.

So, if you’re driving anywhere near State 172 (East of County GV), or State 29 (Pittsfield), don’t be alarmed. Where there’s smoke, there’s a smoke machine and some great publicity.

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