Featured Image for Iconic Sydney art installation, ‘Always Was Always Will Be,’ to be removed

Iconic Sydney art installation, ‘Always Was Always Will Be,’ to be removed

It’s a sad day for art lovers in Sydney.

One of Sydney’s most iconic and best-loved pieces of art is being removed. The art was commissioned in 2012  for a 6-month display period, but it was so popular with the general public as well as the Indigenous owners of the land it was decided to leave the art on display.

With this in mind, it is heartbreaking to hear that the City of Sydney is preparing to sell the land on which the art is located.

The Melbourne-based artist, Reko Rennie, describes his art as “referencing my associations to north-western New South Wales and the traditional markings of the Kamilaroi people.”

The Brag reported the council’s statement:

“Although this artwork holds significance to Sydney’s Indigenous community, it was not commissioned as part of the Eora journey program that celebrates living culture of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island communities. It was always intended to be a temporary piece.”

Labor Councillor Linda Scott has described how upset and “deeply opposed” she is to the decision.

“Rather than stripping this building of public art and selling it off to the highest bidder, I’m yet again calling on the Lord Mayor to keep this building in public hands and use it to lead the revitalisation of Oxford Street,” she said.

That’s definitely a tick for Labor.

The art will be painted over on November 20, so get yourself to Sydney to see the icon before she disappears.


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