This first date was probably the most awkward thing … EVER!

It can be super uncomfortable if your date isn’t going as planned… but this date got even more awkward than that.

Sure, it’s not unheard of that dates may not go as smoothly as hoped for. There’s the awkward first meeting, potential food spillage, and occasionally your date may even get hit on by an outside party. But we all know there’s one rule to dating – if you’re out on a date, don’t try to pick up someone else. Simple.

Unfortunately, lawyer Josh who appeared on channel 4’s First Dates clearly didn’t get the memo. Student Sophia who was paired with Josh was completely blindsided by Paternoster Chop House waitress Cici Coleman when she went to the toilet for a little date break.

We have to wonder, was this a dramatic set-up, or is Josh just a complete prick?

While Sophia was in the bathroom, Cici did her waitress duties and asked Josh how the date was going. Although, Josh wasn’t too happy as he explained he prefers dates that involve less pressure, like strolling through an art gallery. Cici was intrigued by Josh’s interests and seemed a little tantalised by Josh’s hobby of nude portrait art.

When push came to shove and the pair were asked if they were keen for another date, Sophia responded with “Yeah – I mean, yeah! Why not?”

Whereas Josh had other plans saying he “didn’t feel there was chemistry” and that he felt “more of a connection with the waitress.”

Err, talk about awkward!

Luckily Sophia wasn’t too disheartened and made a joke of the whole situation.

I guess you sign up for this kind of drama when you sign up for reality TV.

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