Featured Image for People are recreating the food from Miyazaki’s films in real life and it’s an absolute delight

People are recreating the food from Miyazaki’s films in real life and it’s an absolute delight

Instagram users are attempting to recreate some of the incredible-looking dishes from Hayao Miyazaki’s award-winning films, with amazing results.

Widely regarded as one of the best animators of all time, “the Walt Disney of Japan” has earned two Oscars and various nominations throughout his almost 40-year career. His films are known for mixing surreal characters and situations with the most traditional aspects of Japan’s unique culture.

His work is so influential it has become a part of the popular zeitgeist, being referenced in blockbuster movies and appearing time and again in all kinds of merchandise all over the world.

The appeal of his films is so big, this year, a company called Fathom Events has made a series of partnerships to re-release his body of work in theatres all across the US in what they’ve dubbed as the Studio Ghibli Fest.

His movies are always a delightful assault on the senses, and one trope in particular that drives fans in a frenzy is his depiction of Japanese gastronomy. In every single one of his works you can expect a scene or two where characters prepare and/or devour the most succulent and luscious of Japanese plates.

His obsession with food has resonated deeply among the public, and you can’t go very far on the internet without stumbling with a Miyazaki-themed food listicle, fan art homage, recipe or video how-to.

There’s even a very famous video on Youtube where Miyazaki himself is seen preparing his very own version of ramen for his burnt-out crew.

Two Instagram users identified as en93kitchen and 01ghibli23 are attracting all kinds of attention by taking famous scenes from his Studio Gibli’s movies and recreating the food in real life with amazing attention to detail. And hoo boy are we hungry now.

Miyazaki announced his retirement from the movie business back in 2013 citing his old age, and stated he would shift into manga. But news broke out this year that he would return, and just a few days ago Kimitachi Wa Dou Ikiru Ka (How Do You Live?) was revealed to be the title of his upcoming new film.

Bon appetit!

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