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Fluid motion: freelance graphic design with Felipe Goldsack

Despite being a professional graphic designer, Felipe Goldsack is still passionate about pursuing his continued education.

His interests, specialty, and style have all constantly evolved, building an impressive and diverse portfolio of work. Over the past five years, he has been especially invested in motion design, teaching himself the skills and software whilst at university, and throughout his career.

Goldsack displays short clips of his work via his Instagram account, and a more comprehensive collection can be found on his website. We asked the Chilean designer to tell us a bit about his education and inspiration.

Why did you decide to get into 3D design?

“I’m a professional graphic designer. During my last two years of university, I discovered motion graphics, Adobe After Effects and other programs that allow designers to transmit and communicate ideas through moving images and animation. So I started studying that by myself and after a few years, 3D looked like a really great tool and platform to integrate, and now, I’m really passionate about it.

“It allows me to create things that don’t exist with different size relations and to see movements and reactions that are not always what you expect them to be.”

How many years have you been doing 3D animation?

“Not too many, actually. I’ve been learning 3D software, Autodesk Maya, since 2009. They taught me a little bit about it at my university. It was great, but it didn’t catch my attention that much. After that, it was just about 2D/2.5D motion graphics for me, and some 3D Elements integrated into my work.

“I really started using 3D software about two-and-a-half years ago in my workflow and personal work. From there, I didn’t stop studying and I continue every day, practicing, creating and mixing my passions for design, motion, and 3D.”

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What was your inspiration for first creating your alien-like creatures?

“My characters are like a way of reviving my childhood I think, because I learned how to draw at a very early age and I never stopped. I draw everything, and I was always creating these types of characters in flipbooks. I’d imagine myself working at Disney or some big video game company haha!

“This is my way to keep doing that. I actually draw my characters before I model them. It’s awesome for me to see them with textures and ‘coming alive’! I have to do more of those.”

What are your three favourite colours to work with?

“I tend to change this from time to time, but at the moment I really like teal, light red, and purple. They do not have to be together, but I’m usually using one of those in every composition.”

One would guess you might be into futuristic type sci-fi films. Is that true?

“I think I like many things! I really like sci-fi films but also fantasy ones, as well as games, books, and art.”

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Do you find it hard to balance work, family time, and personal creative time?

“It’s kind of hard. Freelancers don’t have working times, so sometimes I end up working Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, and then I’d be free on a Tuesday. I think that the hours are the most difficult thing to balance, but if you can manage it well, it can be great.

“With my personal work, when I have free time I say to myself, ‘OK, now I’m going to create something really cool!’ and then I look at the clock and it is already 8 PM or so!”

Do you plan on working with 3D animation forever?

“I think so! I think I found passion in my professional career, so I plan to keep evolving, learning and creating. Hopefully, I always get better and better at it.”

What’s your favourite genre of music to play when trying to be productive on the computer?

“That is a hard question, because I listen to a lot of things. But for the past few days, I have been listening to the latest record of the Foo Fighters, and Coheed and Cambria.”

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