Your favourite position in bed says a lot about you

Apparently, a good way to get to know someone is to sleep with them. 

Not like that, you dirty-minded fiend. You just need to find out what their favourite position is. Again, not like that.

What we’re trying to say is that research has suggested that personalities and sleeping position are related, meaning that the way you sleep reflects your attitude, behaviour, and overall personality.

Professor Chris Idzikowski from the UK Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service discovered a strong correlation between certain sleeping positions and certain personalities.

He also found that most individuals don’t differ their sleeping arrangements throughout their entire life. Only 5 per cent of his research subjects admitted to changing their sleeping position nightly.

There are a multitude of different positions you may sleep in at night, but according to the study the main ones are as follows:

The foetus: About 41 per cent of the population  are foetus sleepers. These people are quite abrasive and harsh on the outside yet soft and shy on the inside. Foetus sleepers tend to be women.

The log: It’s quite simple – you lay on your side with your arms by your sides. These personality types are very likeable and social.

The yearner: Laying on your side with your arms out in front of you. The yearner is quite cynical and suspicious yet open-minded. But good luck trying to change their mind!

The soldier: Laying on your back with your arms by your sides. Quite a common sleeping position, this one reflects those people who tend to keep to themselves.

The freefaller: The one examined position where the subject lays on their front with their arms splayed in a variety of positions. These people tend to be very defensive, outspoken, dominant, and unresponsive to criticism.

The Starfish: A back-sleeping position with arms and legs spread out. This personality is one of free-thinking and peace.

It is most likely that personality types determine the sleeping position rather than the personality being caused by a comfortable sleeping routine, but it would be interesting to see the results of changing sleeping positions on personality.

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