Featured Image for Harvey Weinstein completely freaked out on the eve of the Times’ explosive report

Harvey Weinstein completely freaked out on the eve of the Times’ explosive report

Witnesses say Harvey Weinstein was going through an emotional meltdown in the hours before the industry shaking New York Times investigation broke out.

“He was in a panic,” recalls Pamela Lubell, a longtime collaborator who worked for the lauded producer during his Miramax days.

Lubdell, former employee Doyle Chambers and Weinstein’s former lawyer Lisa Bloom were entrusted by him to respond to the Times shattering piece published on October 5.

“He starts screaming, ‘Get so-and-so on the phone,’” Lubell told investigative journalist Ronan Farrow for the New Yorker.

Before the story was published, the Hollywood mogul frantically began gathering any evidence he could in order to prove his innocence, be it friendly photographs of him with the accusers or personal testimonies of industry insiders.

Lubell said, “He was screaming at us, ‘Send these (pictures) to the board members.’”

At first, Weinstein had commissioned Pamela Lubell to write a book about the golden days of Miramax back in the 90’s and her first task was to make up a huge list of all the employees and close collaborators of that time.

“Pam… write down all the employees that you know, and can you get in touch with them?” Lubell recalled him saying.

But later on, she says, the assignment took a very dark turn as he used the list to for a very different purpose.

Weinstein allegedly used it to call them for the purpose of coercion and making threats in light of the sexual misconduct scandal.

“It got kind of intense,” Lubell says. “We didn’t know these people, and all of a sudden this was something very different from what we signed up for.”

According to the New Yorker, many of the woman contacted by Weinstein’s entourage felt scared for their lives.

Lubdell says she thought of Weinstein as “a bully and a cheater”, but she never imagined her boss was a sexual predator.

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