Found At E Minor: 360 vision, built-in Bluetooth, heads up display: Meet the helmet of the future

A Japanese startup has created a motorcycle helmet that seems like a prop out of a sci-fi film, except, it’s real.

This state-of-the-art protective gear strays away from the traditional helmet designs that have remained almost unmodified for half a century, incorporating additional functionality that promises to improve riders’ motorcycling experience while reducing accident risk.

Named the CrossHelmet by its creator, Arata Ono, this high-tech protective headgear features an aerodynamic exterior design, group talk functionality and super awesome LED lights that increase visibility at night while making you look like a character out of Tron.

A rear-view camera provides the user with a feed of the road behind, eliminating any blind spots and giving the rider a real 360° view of their surroundings.

The helmet is also equipped with sound control technology, which enables the wearer to filter out or enhance environmental sounds. The company states this feature is a first in the motorcycle industry, allowing riders to control how much of the engine, road or wind they can hear.

In a feature that would make Tony Stark jealous, the helmet also provides the rider with a high definition display that can be configured to show not only the video feed from the rear camera but also relevant journey information like weather, time to destination and other navigation data.

The slick head armour pairs with your smartphone via Bluetooth and is equipped with a touch panel you can operate with your gloves. The dedicated app is available on iOS and Android and provides access to all of CrossHelmet’s features.

Borderless, the company behind this invention, will be offering their helmet for around $1500 USD. Their vision was possible thanks to a highly successful Kickstarter campaign that wrapped up last October, raking in a whopping $344,336 dollars, handsomly surpassing their initial goal of $100,000.

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