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These quirky comics about relationships are funny because they’re true

A New York couple never expected that comics of their relationship would become so popular, but there is something about the quirky illustrations that people are finding super relatable.

Catana Comics was started on Thanksgiving Day, 2016, when Catana’s partner John suggested to her that they should make a comic about their relationship. And by they he meant her, as she was the one that would be drawing them.

The first comic was created an hour after the idea was suggested and then five more were created within the next five days. Catana never intended for the comics to be published online, but John decided that they needed to be seen.

To her surprise, the comics were a massive hit. She expected to be embarrassed and torn apart, but the feedback they received was something they were unprepared for. Without a website, social media, or even a name for the comics, they had to get to work quickly to create what is known today as Catana Comics.

Catana says that, “thanks to John’s suggestion, his magical ability to create websites in a few hours, and his inspiring daily antics, I am now able to fulfill my childhood dream of becoming a cartoonist while juggling the responsibilities of being an obsessive dog mom.”

Check out the adorable comics below:

Treat yo self? ? #catanacomics

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SHE PROTEC #catanacomics

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I slept on the floor last night to make sure this graphic had accurate data. I don't recommend it. #catanacomics

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The Saratoga Springs-based artist uploads to her Instagram 2 to 3 times a week, illustrating the adorable and funny moments of life in a long-term relationship.

Catana Comics now has over 850,000 Instagram followers, pleasing more and more couples everyday and making single people everywhere wish they were in a relationship.

Make your significant other’s day and send these to them ASAP.

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