Menace teens get a taste of their own watery medicine

Ah, winter snowball fights, they’re all fun and games until someone gets drenched.

A group of teenagers from Leeds in England were running amuck in their local community when they decided to take on a pair of workers on a barge in the canal below the bridge they were standing on.

The teens gathered a bunch of snowballs and began to wage snow war on the couple below.

What the kids should have realised is that you shouldn’t bring snow to a water fight.

After several blows to the head and body, the workers had had enough snow for one day. This is when they decided to aim their water canon directly at the trouble makers and absolutely blast them into a wet – and no doubt cold – mess.

We can only imagine that the teens sulked home with their wet coats dragging in the snow.

There’s nothing sweeter than revenge.

Via Reddit

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