The mermaid food group has a new addition: Sparkly Mermaid Churros

We are literally the mermaid trend – food, hair, even nails – but the latest addition to the craze has got to be our absolute fave.

Summer calls for sand, surf, and sparkles, and the sparkles we hope to be enjoying this summer is the sugary glitter of mermaid churros. The mermaid churros have been invented by The Loop, a churros shop in Westminster, California, and boy, did they get it right!

The churro cafe is gaining popularity thanks to their exciting new mermaid range which features a loop churro with blueberry glaze and a mermaid tail sweet.

The creator, Jed Cartojano, told Cosmo, “We were initially going to create a unicorn-themed churro, but I hated how late we were with catching the trend. The Loop has always been about creating trends or being in the forefront of what trends are to come. To me, mermaids are the new unicorns. Instead of focusing on unicorn rainbow colours, we went with sparkle.”

Aside from mermaid treats, The Loop boasts some other pretty hectic looped churro desserts, and we are extremely impressed.

Try not to drool on your keyboard…

Brb, booking flights to California right now.