Chinese restaurant offers discounts to female customers based on their BRA SIZE!

China has just set feminism back about four decades with this disgusting act of misogyny.

As reported by the Qianjiang Evening Post, women in China are being given discounts on their meals at a restaurant based on the size of their breasts.

Trendy Shrimp located in Hangzhou mall in Zhejiang has been advertising a list of discounts and offers based purely on the cup size of a woman’s bra.

The advert states, “The whole city is looking for BREASTS”, and offers a percentage discount on a sliding scale according to cup size.

The posters were noticed on August 1 and have (obviously) now been removed, Trendy Shrimp maintains the defence that the advertisement was a strategic sales tactic. According to BBC News, general manager Lan Shenggang said “some of the girls we met were very proud – they had nothing to hide”.

As this is such a vulgar, objectifying act towards women, you would think that it was a standalone event, but you would be wrong. This is definitely not the first time a Chinese restaurant has offered discounts based of physical appearance. In early 2015, a restaurant in Henan was handing out rewards and discounts for “good-looking” people.

Yeah, get with the time, China… this is not acceptable.