Featured Image for Tom Hanks just pulled the ultimate bro move by helping a fan propose

Tom Hanks just pulled the ultimate bro move by helping a fan propose

Just when you thought Hollywood’s leading men were all creeps and pedophiles, Captain Phillips saves the day.

Over the weekend, Tom Hanks was in Austin for the Texas Book Festival, promoting his book Uncommon Type: Some Stories. In what was a routine question-and-answer segment, the actor known for his iconic roles in Forrest Gump, Saving Private Ryan, and Cast Away, interrupted fan questions abruptly.

Hanks apparently “told the crowd he was bored of answering their questions and wanted to ask one of his own.” He proceeded to make an announcement “that there was a man in the crowd, Ryan McFarling, who had a question for a woman in the crowd, Nikki Young. The question was: ‘Nikki, will you marry me?'” wrote Maria Pasquini.

The couple then got on stage, where McFarling went on one knee, and presented Young the engagement ring. Fortunately for everyone involved, ‘Yes’ was her answer.

This comes as a respite in what’s been a shameful last few weeks for some big names in show business, bannered by a series of sexual assault allegations mainly circling Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey.

We’re so glad Mr. Hanks agreed to do this. It’s not quite as cool as Bill Murray dishing out bachelor advice, but very cool nonetheless. Thanks for being a bro, Tom Hanks.

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