These models Photoshopped their own images to send an important message to all women

Are you one of those people that scrutinises the way you look because of the people you see on the internet? Well, these two girls want you to know that what you see on social media is not always the truth.

Diana Sirokai and Callie Thorpe are plus-sized models who have recently shared a before and after photo of themselves on Instagram.

Now, typically the before and after photos you see on Instagram are of dramatic weight-loss, but this isn’t what the girls posted. Instead, their before picture is a heavily photo-shopped version of themselves and the second a picture of them in their true form.

Their aim was to highlight how easily photo editors, magazines and the media can change people’s appearances and manipulate our perception of reality.

Both girls posted the photos to their respective Instagram accounts, each with their own inspiring message which you can read below.

The posts encourage viewers to “swipe right for reality”, demonstrating how convincing editing tools can be. It also shows how women can reclaim their beauty and feel confident in their own skin.

The message is clear: there is absolutely no need to conform to the “fit and slim” stereotype that is perceived to be the most attractive.

Sirokai and Thorpe enlisted the help of photographer Karina Plotavteca to manipulate the photos by slimming the two models down and removing any trace of cellulite.

Plotavteca also shared the images to her Instagram and shared this message with her followers:

“I always hated myself for few extra pounds and now it is time to protect girls from being unconfident, from anorexia, bulimia and many others psychological problems.

“I don’t say that we should gain weight because it is new fashion! My aim is to help girls find their inner beauty and prove them that we are all unique, we should accept and love our bodies because it is the first and only step to change yourself the way you want!”

It’s that simple. Love yourself the way you are.