These enormous books show every inch of the Sistine Chapel

If you’ve never been to the Sistine Chapel, don’t worry, this book is the next best thing.

It’s time to trash your coffee table magazines, this photography book is the newest must-have for any cultural hot-spot home.

La Cappella Sistina is the work of Italian art publisher Scripta Maneant and Vatican Museums. The book took five years to complete and could more accurately be described as a work of art. The book is the digital printed version of every inch of the Sistine Chapel. And hey, it will only set you back $13,800!

The book captures the whole chapel, from Michelangelo’s iconic ceiling art all the way to the mosaic floor. It’s a three-volume set, which contains 270,000 photographs on a 1:1 scale. If the sheer number of photographs is hard to visualise, consider that the books weigh about 27 kg.

You may think this is a little excessive, but the collection was aimed at an audience of art historians and restorers. Only 1,999 copies will be sold to individual buyers, and each buyer will receive a private tour of the chapel with their purchase.