Featured Image for Disney just released the main cast for the Lion King remake and the internet is losing it

Disney just released the main cast for the Lion King remake and the internet is losing it

Beyoncé, Donald Glover, John Oliver and so many others; the cast of Jon Favreau’s The Lion King is worth getting very excited over.

Way back in February, Disney confirmed that Donald Glover would star as the voice of the classic story’s mane character, Simba, and that the iconic James Earl Jones would be reprising his role as Mufasa. Disney has gone and released their full cast, and wow, there are too many exciting names to process, but we’re going to give it a go anyway.

The Lion King Cast

Let’s start with our Lion Queen. That’s right, Beyoncé is going to be the voice of Nala. She’ll obviously be bringing some serious gusto to the musical numbers, but Queen B has proven that she can act too. Her acting credits include Dream Girls, The Pink Panther and the final chapter in the Austin Powers trilogy, Goldmember.

In the 1994 classic, Rowan Atkinson was the voice of the pompous royal-aid, Zazu. He left some very big shoes to fill, but if anyone can fill them, it’s the hilarious, quick-witted host of Last Week Tonight, John Oliver. We’re not quite sure how Oliver will go with the songs, but we know that he definitely has his comic timing down, as he demonstrated earlier this week with his take-down of Australia’s postal plebiscite.

This means that we are probably going to be treated to a rendition of I just can’t wait to be king featuring Beyoncé, John Oliver, and Donald Glover’s musical alter ego, Childish Gambino.

Chiwetel Ejiofor, who was nominated for an Oscar for his lead-role performance in 2012’s 12 Years a Slave will play the murderous uncle Scar.

The cast is littered with names who seem to embody their respective characters; Hollywood legend Alfre Woodard as Sarabi, Simba’s mother, Seth Rogen as Pumbaa, and Keegan-Michael Key (of Key and Peele) as one of the hyenas.

The internet’s response to the cast has great, the general consensus seems to be that we don’t need the remake, but with a cast like this, why would we say no?