Let this short animated film teach you about the clitoris

Fancy taking your sexual education to a new level and learning about the clitoris? We guarantee you’ll learn something new…

The clitoris is an insanely sensitive part of the reproductive system. The organ boasts a whopping 8,000 sensory nerve endings – totally taking the cake over the penis, which only has half the feeling… suckers.

So why, when we talk about the clitoris, it is still a whole lot more awkward than when we mention the word penis? Why is it that such a fundamental part of a woman’s body is so taboo? Surely we’re beyond such immaturity.

Someone who is working hard to rid the world of clitoral stigma is Lori Malépart-Traversy, an emerging Canadian filmmaker. Her work with an animated clit is hopefully, an eye-opener for those who aren’t yet well acquainted with the beauty of the puzzling sex organ.

Malépart-Traversy’s film, titled Le Clitoris, premiered online as a segment of Cartoon Brew’s CB Fest. The film goes on a journey through history, looking at the misrepresentations of the organ throughout time from men’s discovery of the love button, to Sigmund Freud’s misdiagnosis of it as an “infantile” specimen.

The film is an education and informative documentary with a cartoon-cute twist. The piece works to educate an audience of all ages (and it’s not too confronting). It’s all about self-love and celebrating the sexual organ. Malépart-Traversy shares her thoughts on the stigmatism of sex along with the idea that proper sexual education is of utmost importance to the feminist movement.

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