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Japanese artists reimagine Wonder Woman as an anime star

Women in comic books are grabbing a fair bit of limelight at the moment with the release of DC’s Wonder Woman film, and we are super excited about it.

Wonder Woman is a huge deal in the western world, however she isn’t as well known over in Asia. Sure, Asia is familiar with Batman, Superman and Spiderman but there’s a whole host of characters that haven’t made their debut into Asian society.

So, to celebrate the release of the new film, Warner Brothers have collaborated with famous Japanese illustrators, character designers and artists to give Wonder Woman a full anime makeover.

And the results are impressive! The superhero has been reimagined into every possible Japanese art-style – from a doe-eyed Sailor Moon-type character to a lightening-shooting One Piece look-alike.


They have promised more crossover animations to come, but in the meantime, if you want to have your own go at anime-ting Wonder Woman, the hashtag #ワンダーウーマン描いてみた (“I drew Wonder Woman”), will place your artwork in the mix.


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