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These playing cards illustrate what it’s like to be arrested in Japan

There are now playing cards that will give you the experience of being arrested without actually being sent to prison. Yay! Just what we’ve always wanted.

Being arrested is probably one of the scariest things that could happen to you… especially if you’re guilty. And being arrested in Japan is a whole lot worse, due to their over 99 per cent conviction rate.

Japan has also just passed a new law for anti-terror conspiracy, which many Japanese civilians feel may end up being a threat to privacy and civil liberties. Apparently, the law is too broad and encompasses petty crime such as copying music, and picking mushrooms from public property. Brutal.

What we’re trying to say is that Japan will take none of your shit.

Japanese artist Megumi Igarashi (AKA Rokudenashiko) has created a set of playing cards in an attempt to show the world what prison in Japan is really like. And she’s definitely one to know. Rokudenashiko was arrested in 2014 for the harmless crime of distributing 3D data of her genitalia.

This means Rokudenashiko is well educated in the obscurity of Japanese law and is responding with her sarcastic playing card set. The cards depict scenes of Japanese arrest based on her personal experience, with individual illustrations on the front of each card and a description of the scenario on the back.

We’ve already been teased with 17 of these cards on Rokudenashiko’s website, but she claims to be creating a whole set of 50.

Let’s hope she doesn’t get arrested for wielding that super-sharp wit.

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