Featured Image for Justin Trudeau’s Halloween costume brought the thirsty AF Internet to a grinding halt

Justin Trudeau’s Halloween costume brought the thirsty AF Internet to a grinding halt

The Canadian Prime minister is probably the most media-friendly world leader today, and he was the delight of social media once again for his costume pick for this year’s Halloween.

Too socialist for some, a total corporate shrill to others, the only thing for certain is that this guy knows how to handle social media. From his subtle digs at Trump on Twitter, to his well-documented predilection for flashy, thematic socks, Justin Trudeau is probably the politician with the most favourable public image in the world today.

On Tuesday morning he was photographed on the street with his hair slicked and wearing Clark Kent’s iconic black rim glasses, but the costume didn’t stop at that. When he arrived for work at the House of Commons he couldn’t resist opening his shirt to reveal the Superman logo to all the photographers present.

The Prime Minister was also spotted later in the evening trick-or-treating with his wife Sophie Grégoire and their three children, Xavier, Ella-Grace and Hadrien.

““I’m a journalist this year, you guys should love that,” Trudeau said to reporters.

Of course, Twitter went on a meltdown at Trudeau’s antics, with praise coming from all corners.

Conservative politicians in Canada failed to find the joke though, as the country is amidst a fierce debate over the government’s proposed tax reform.

Trudeau is pushing hard for a tax plan that he says will avoid wealthy individuals and big corporations to unfairly reduce their tax obligations by incorporating small businesses. The project has been one of the government’s most controversial moves, as conservatives but liberal economic analysts as well have warned that the initiative will do the exact opposite, which is to hit the finances of the middle class.

Earlier in October, the Prime Minister’s cabinet did announce they would tweak the tax plan to address all the backlash it received at the House of Commons and the media.

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