These delicious desserts are not quite what they seem

These pastries look absolutely delectable, but tragically, the artist who created the decadent collection will never be able to taste them, you and neither will you.

These sweet treats are actually made entirely from glass and porcelain! Not such a tasty experience after all.

However, even if they were made from sugary goodness, Shayna Leib, the magician behind the masterpieces, would not be able to eat them. The American glassblowing artist suffers from allergic reactions to most sweet foods, but she doesn’t let her dietary restrictions get in the way of her extreme love of dessert.

Her mouthwatering collection Pâtisserie is a passion project for Leib, to whom desserts have always seemed unattainable. The artist describes her project as “a deconstruction and a re-training of the mind to look at dessert as form rather than food”.

Leib found that using the textures and colours of glass and porcelain, she was able to create an impressively hyper-realistic array of fine French pastries. She utilised nearly every possible technique across both art forms, and it shows – her creations look too good to resist!

While none of Leip’s desserts are currently for sale, some works from her other collections are available on her website.