White supremacist Richard Spencer tried to defend slavery to Gary Younge

This interview with Black journalist Gary Younge has left white supremacist Richard Spencer looking like an absolute tool.

The interview is a part of Angry, White and American, a documentary following Younge as he travels around the US attempting to make sense of how Donald Trump resonates with so many people.

The interview took place in a Mississippi car park, surrounded by what Younge described as “an entourage of adoring bigots”.

Attempting to understand the intellectual context behind the rise of racism in the United States, the English journalist lined up the interview with Spencer, the university educated president of the National Policy Institute.

He was disappointed, although not surprised to find that Spencer was spouting the same unintelligible racist rhetoric. He calls the white supremacist out for his incoherent logic, ultimately dismissing him by telling Spencer he is “a ridiculous person” and ending the interview.

Whilst Spencer was clearly made the fool in this interview, he does say that his movement is “gaining momentum”. Younge admits that “this is one of the few accurate things he actually said, and the most chilling”.

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