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One-legged Paralympian totally owns Halloween with epic costume (again)

U.S. Paralympian Josh Sundquist got off to a rough start in this world, losing his leg to rare form of cancer when he was just nine years old.

But that hasn’t stopped him from living his best life.

Sundquist, 33, not only represents his country as a player in the U.S. Amputee Soccer Team, but is also a motivational speaker, author, comedian and, as he puts it, a “Halloween enthusiast.”

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His epic Halloween costumes have become famous for their creative and funny approach to his disability.

Here he is in 2010 in his first one-legged themed costume, the gingerbread man from Shrek:

HALLOWEEN COUNTDOWN ? 8 days • Here's a throwback to 2010, the very first year I dressed in an one-leg-themed-type costume. Back then, you didn't do it for the Instagram because it hadn't been invented yet. I just wanted to have a costume that would make my friends LOL—which they did. • The main feedback I got from strangers, though, was people wondering where I had hidden my leg in the costume. "That's amazing! How'd you do that?”

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In 2011 Sundquist says he still dressed up, but it wasn’t amputee themed – just a regular old Angry Birds suit.

But in 2012 he was back at it, dressing up as the leg lamp from A Christmas Story:

HALLOWEEN COUNTDOWN ? 7.5 days • Here's a throwback to 2012, when my then-girlfriend-now-wife Ashley suggested I dress up as the leg lamp from "A Christmas Story." • I have to be honest here: I had never seen the movie. I grew up in a pretty religiously conservative home where we did not do things like watch PG movies or, for that matter, celebrate Halloween. On Halloween, we actually locked the doors and turned all the lights off so no one would come trick or treat at our house. Which all makes it kind of funny that Halloween has become such a significant holiday in my life. (They probably wouldn't admit it, but I think even my parents get a little excited about Halloween now.)

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In 2013 he saw a flamingo at the zoo and was inspired to take his costume to a whole new level:

HALLOWEEN COUNTDOWN ? 6.5 days • Throwback to 2013. The year of the flamingo. • Earlier that year I'd spotted an ostrich at the zoo and thought, "Hey that looks like me. If I was, you know, doing a handstand on my crutches." A few minutes later, I walked by the flamingos and thought, "Even better." • That's basically how I get the ideas for these costumes. As a comedian, I'm always looking for funny ways of looking at things—or for things that look like me in funny ways.

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For 2014 he joked that he was “trying to raise the bar” with this foosball outfit:

With this year's Halloween costume, I'm really trying to raise the bar.

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Then in 2015, he decided to make his entire costume a pun, transforming himself into an “IHOP” sign.

HALLOWEEN COUNTDOWN ? 6 days • Throwback to 2015. What I love about this video is that at first you think it's just a sign. Like, where's the costume here? And then I hop away and you're like ooooooh now I get it • ALSO: If you swipe right you'll also find my 2014 costume. I dressed as a foosball player in 2014 because that was the first year I was playing in an international tournament with the US Amputee Soccer Team. So it felt appropriate. Because, if you think about it, amputee soccer is basically human foosball.

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Last year he went as Lumière, the suave candelabra from Beauty and the Beast, noting that the new live-action version sadly has two legs. #notmyLumière

HALLOWEEN COUNTDOWN ? 5 days • #TBT to #Halloween 2016 • I wanted to dress as this character last year because the live-action version of the movie was coming out a few months later, and I knew Ewan McGregor was going to be playing a two-legged version of Lumiere. I was afraid that after the movie was released, the animated monopod Lumiere of our childhoods would be replaced in the popular consciousness by Ewan McGregor's biped Lumiere. • Which, in hindsight, I don't think has happened. The movie was fantastic, but it seems like people still imagine the animated version when they think of this character. Sidenote: In my humble opinion Disney should have kept Lumiere's original body-shape by casting me for the role. Just saying.

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This year he capped off a brilliant six-year run with this beauty, a very bouncy Tigger.

Here’s my Halloween costume!

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