This man’s photos prove that cats are actually ninjas in disguise

As we all know, humans invented the internet primarily as a way of sharing cat pictures.

You’ve probably seen your fair share of cats, but prepare yourself for some next level kung-fu kitty action.

Japanese photographer Hisakata Hiroyuki has devoted his career to the worthwhile pursuit of photographing cats in martial arts style poses. His work can be seen on his Twitter and Instagram accounts. The pictures feature felines leaping, kicking, punching, jumping, and looking all kinds of awesome.

Here’s a taste:

As well as single cats in action, Hiroyuki also choreographs epic multi-cat battle scenes:

He also has merchandise of his shots including stickers, postcards, badges, and books. Frankly, we hope he makes enough to keep doing this very important work forever.

Hiroyuki seems to use a toy mouse to get the cats to leap on command. But if that doesn’t work, he can always try using cucumbers.