Cheeky photos show what women look like before, during, and after orgasm

Sao Paulo-based artist Marcos Alberti challenges the stigma around female sexuality with a series showing women in different stages of orgasm.

The series, called O Project, was made in collaboration with sex toy company Smile Makers. Simply put, it features 20 women from different backgrounds having their portraits taken before, during, and after climax.

According to Alberti and Smile Makers, masturbation by women is often, if not always, seen by many cultures as shameful. It’s especially alarming considering how male masturbation is seen as a non-issue.

The project aims to dispel this view on female sexuality by empowering women and normalising a perfectly ordinary personal activity.

“I love that we were able to speak so frankly with these women about sex and pleasure,” said Alberti.

“When you approach the taboo topic of sex through the lens of humor, people start to open up and share opinions more freely, which can lead to a monumental change in people’s mentality.”

Alberti previously made the news after he published his series on wine, which showed what people looked like after drinking one, two, and three glasses of vino.

When asked what made him want to tackle the subject of masturbation after doing the wine series, he explained:

“I really love to capture real expressions of people, so after the wine project, I wanted to go a step forward, and capture more intimacy expression,” he said.

“Expression that has never been capture with this naturality before, not what you see in television and internet.
Real expression. So, when Smile makers approached me with a challenge to talk about female sexual well being, I knew exactly what to do.”

To see more of Marcos Alberti’s work, head on over here.