Watch this weird scene involving a T-Rex, a drummer, and the cops

Bucket drummers are a dime a dozen in New York City, so how do you make yourself stand out from everyone else? Why, with a T-Rex mask, of course.

In a scene that is peak NYC, a disabled man in a Tyrannosaurus Rex mask plays some sick beats on his five-gallon buckets, all the while another dude gets arrested by the police in the background.

It’s a strange sight, indeed. First, you have the half-naked performer finding the perfect accessory for his short arms. Then you have the arrest scene behind him, which looks so casual that nobody pays attention to it. Just another day in the Big Apple, I guess.

According to the Daily Mail, the street performer is 24-year-old Jesus Guadalupe. He was born with a condition called Phocomelia, which causes underdeveloped limbs.

But despite his disability, he taught himself to play the drums in high school and used this skill to make a living. He’s been making music on the streets of NYC for the past six years.

In an interview with New York’s Got Talent, he said: “My arms are little and my ego is big.”

Via The Daily Dot

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