This island’s new tourism video will leave you speechless

Forget about words to describe this beautiful island in the Philippines, and focus on your feelings instead. That’s the message behind Camiguin’s heartwarming tourism video.

Dubbed the ‘Island Born of Fire’, Camiguin boasts of scenic views, tranquil rainforests, and delicious seafood. All these and more are on display in No Words, a short film posted on the Camiguin Tourism Office’s Facebook page.

The promotional video begins with a tourist ranting on her phone about being alone in a “small, quiet, and boring town.”

But before long, her mute tour guide arrives and shows off the island’s natural beauty. Needless to say, both she and the audience are left speechless in wonder.

“This small and simple island never fails to amaze both its locals and tourists, leaving them ‘no words’ to describe their experience in the place,” the video’s caption reads.

The clip has gone viral for all the right reasons. As of writing, it has amassed nearly a million views, with the comments section erupting with praise.

“I’ve seen a lot of commercial videos about tourism but this is by far THE BEST. The concept, the execution, and the not-the-mainstream-perfect-model-tourist featured in the video,” wrote one Facebook user.

The local government’s #FeelCamiguin campaign was launched ahead of the Camiguin Lanzones Festival, an annual harvest celebration. Offering street dancing, fireworks, eating contests, and raves, the festival is a huge draw for the island’s tourism. The 2017 Lanzones Festival was held from October 22-31.