This incredible new app makes it possible for musicians to ‘appear live’ in your living room

‘Firstage’ is being marketed as the world’s first live augmented reality stage, and although we’re not sure the pompous claim is 100 percent true, one thing is for sure: this looks amazing.

In today’s record industry, creating great tunes is actually not the biggest problem musicians face. The real challenge is to get someone to listen.

Artists today not only compete with hundreds of thousands of contemporary acts but with the whole catalogue of human musical creation. From Bach to Michael Jackson, there are literally millions of titles available to consumers 24/7 at a finger’s touch, and most of the time, for free.

The digital era broke the traditional business model forever and bands now have to come with novel ideas to monetise their creations however they can.

Firstage‘ is an augmented reality app that allows you to render your favourite band on your surroundings. You can have an MC rapping away on top of your dining table or watch a metal band blasting their riffs inside a coffee mug.

The app’s catalogue is comprised of emergent independent artists from diverse genres including hip-hop, acoustic folk, and punk. Most of the acts from Firstage’s current roster have been mentioned in prestigious outlets like SPIN Magazine, BBC, and The Guardian, which gives you a sense of strong curatorship.

Aside from allowing users to play prerecorded performances, the company has plans to launch a live stream AR concert, and even a whole festival.

‘Firstage’ will give the user the option to ‘tip’ artists, which in turn will give users fan points to unlock content and earn perks depending on the contribution, similar to the crowdfunding model popularised by Kickstarter.

With advertisers being able to sponsor virtual stages, and almost unlimited possibilities for product placement in the virtual realm, this is just the first step into an insane new arena.

The app is currently available for Android and iOS.