Women are posting pictures of their hip dips for #GirlPower

A hip what? We honestly didn’t even know these existed.

Gerardo Miranda-Comas, MD (assistant professor of rehabilitation medicine at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York), explains it best:

“It’s not a body abnormality; it’s actually a common part of your anatomy…Whether or not you have hip dips largely depends on the way your great trochanter, aka, the protrusion at the upper part of your femur, connects to your pelvis.”

So, what she’s saying, ladies, is that #hipdips are completely normal. Now, women all over are snapping pics of their hip dips and posting them online, like two middle fingers up at societal expectations of a flawless hourglass figure.

And the response, for the most part, has been empowering.

Take a look:

The trend’s actually been quite educational, for us at least.

As some ladies still want to get rid of their hip dips, there are also a few suggestions flying around that ought to make them appear less prominent.

“Dr. Miranda recommends doing clamshells, hip abductions, and squats with elastic bands to tone this muscle,” writes heath blogger Julia Naftulin.

“Core exercises work well too because the gluteus medius is a component of the core,” she adds.

It’s nice to see that rather than finding one more thing wrong with their bodies, a lot of women are choosing to be proud and speak positively about it.

It’s all about keeping this attitude, and Instagram user @kimfrench87 hits the nail on the head:

What do you ladies think of hip dips? Can you see yours?