Rick and Morty have just killed off one of the most loved characters

The creators of Rick and Morty recently killed off a somewhat-major character in the most unceremonious way: through a sponsored ad.

The video, made for Old Spice, shows Rick bursting into Morty’s at 3am to promote a line of human-sized robot deodorant sprays. As Rick speaks into a megaphone, flatly saying the spiel about the Old Spice Invisible Sprays, Morty begs the robots to stop wreaking havoc in his room.

But his pleas fall on deaf ears – if the robots have ears, that is. At one point, one of the machines takes out Butter Bot – yes, the existentialist butter-passing robot from season one – from a drawer and feeds it to one of his mechanical buddies.

And just like that, Butter Bot is no more.

Quite the sendoff for a character who was featured in many fan spinoffs, and who even got a 120-lb flamethrower version of himself.

RIP Butter Bot.