A professional avocado taster is needed in Australia, and it could be you

In Sydney, a pop-up restaurant is due to open in a few days, but first, it needs a ‘Head of Avo Controller’ to sample their menu.

Good Fat, which will be open from November 2-30 in Surry Hills, wants to hire a professional avocado taster. The role involves tasting all 20 of their avocado recipes, testing the produce for firmness, and promoting the business on social media.

Some of the items that’ll be served include an avo smoothie served in its own skin, and an avocado flavoured ice cream they call ‘Avocornetto’. There will be dinner dishes too, so you could have a three-course avocado meal if you want to.

However, if you’re looking for some avocado on toast, you might not find it at Good Fat. Chef Liam Crawley, who got the inspiration for the concept from similar pop-ups in Brooklyn an Amsterdam, explained to SBS:

“I’m not going down the same old path of doing your smashed avocado on toast – the kids can do it at home. Everyone I know is just doing it at home for breakfast. If you go out you want an experience.”

Applicants must have a minimum of two years’ experience in smashing avocados on toast or similar. The successful candidate will not get a salary, but instead, will eat free at the café for an entire month.

Good Fat is an initiative by local fruit farmers to encourage Australians to eat more avocados – you know, more than they already do.

You can find the restaurant at 355 Crown Street, Surry Hills. It will be open 7am-9pm Monday to Saturday, and 8am-5pm Sundays.