Featured Image for Meet Dream Wife, the all-female British/Icelandic band making waves in the alt-garage scene

Meet Dream Wife, the all-female British/Icelandic band making waves in the alt-garage scene

As far as band origins go, British/Icelandic rockers Dream Wife have a pretty unique tale to tell. The all-female trio formed a ‘fake band’ as part of an art project, but their grunge sound was so catchy that before long, Dream Wife became their reality.

The trio have shown off their post-punk, alt-rock sound on an EP and several singles this year. They appear on the St Jerome’s Laneway Festival lineup, and earlier this week announced an upcoming debut album.

We sat down with Dream Wife to discuss their process, influences, and more.

Any Aussie bands/music acts you’ve liked now and/or over the years?

“Being a band formed in Brighton, Nick Cave is a pretty monumental Aussie icon to us. His ability to blur the lines between truth and fiction and his fluency using symbolism is really powerful. Wolfmother and The Bee Gees also need a mention.”

We love the high energy sound you’re rocking. Do the tunes come mainly from band jams or are they more planned out than that?

“It’s a bit of both. Normally someone will bring an idea to the practice room and we will jam that through. When we bring things together in the room it’s this kind of magical moment sometimes, this weird chemistry.

“We don’t ever think, ‘this is exactly how we want this song to sound’ when writing. The Dream Wife sound feels more instinctual than that to us. We have a lot of fun when a new jam works out. There is this amazing energy when things fit into place.”

Where did the name Dream Wife come from?

“To us, the name Dream Wife was a fun wordplay. It’s a name that people tend to remember, some sort of shock value. It holds hand with the music in a sense, in itself a commentary on the objectification of women.

“The stereotypical American dream package is having the dream house, the dream car and the dream wife. But women aren’t objects. A woman has so many different sides and doesn’t just fit into one mould. It’s a pretty ridiculous way of thinking and we enjoying playing around with the expectations of what it is to be a woman.”

Outside of playing shows, what else are you excited about for your pending Australian tour?

“The setup for Laneway is super exciting! The idea of so many bands moving together, all over the country is really funny, almost like a travelling circus. Also, we often joke about packing it all in and becoming surfers, so who knows, maybe we’ll find our destiny on the waves.”

Dream Wife’s self-titled debut Album will be released January 26, 2018. You can pre-order a copy right here.

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