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Man awarded $49,000 after cops mistake doughnut glaze for meth

We all know doughnuts can be addictive but this is taking it a bit too far.

Daniel Rushing, a Florida man who was arrested for possession of meth back in December 2015 has received a hefty settlement after it was proven he was in possession of doughnuts rather than meth.

Rushing, 64, told NPR that he was driving a woman home from his church went the police pulled him over for failing to come to a complete stop.

The police then searched Rushing’s car and found some crystals on the floor which tested positive for methamphetamine in the police field testing kit.

Although Rushing told the police he had never even smoked a ciggy in his life, they seemed pretty sure they had the next Walter White on their hands.

Rushing soon figured out what had happened and informed the police that the “meth” was, in fact, doughnut glaze.

He had a habit alright, but it was much milder than a class A substance, claiming that he bought a Krispy Kreme “every other Wednesday.”

After spending 10 hours in jail, Rushing was released on bail. But in the following months he had trouble getting his security business off the ground.

The doughnut glaze was later retested in a proper crime lab and found to be sugar.

Rushing sued the City of Orlando and won $49,000. He told The Orlando Sentinel that he still gets a Krispy Kreme glazed doughnut every other Wednesday but that he no longer eats them in the car. Poor guy is scarred for life.

The officer who arrested Rushing received a written reprimand. It’s still unclear what went wrong, but the Orlando Police Department has invested in training officers on how to properly use the testing kits.