This helium ball art installation autonomously scribbles on walls

With the appearance of something from a sci-fi movie, ADA is an installation featuring a huge helium balloon with sticks of charcoal protruding from its exterior.

According to Designboom, the balloon is about three feet in diameter with 300 charcoal sticks attached to its surface via a technique the creator generated especially for the work, each about 10 inches apart.

The installation was created by Munich-based freelance artist Karina Smigla-Bobinski whose works, according to her website, “bridge kinetic art, drawing, video, installation, painting, performance and sculpture… Her works contain the method of their making, they are direct art, which foregrounds the material, movement through time and impact on results.”

The helium ball autonomously scribbles on walls, but the installation also allows for people to interact with the piece and move it around. If you do choose to participate, you better not mind getting messy, as you can be sure you’ll leave covered in charcoal.

Smigla-Bobinski says the balloon is inspired by molecules in nanotechnology.

The piece was most recently on display at the Vieux Saint-Etienne Theatre in Rennes, France.

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