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Amateur sailors – and their two dogs – rescued after five months adrift at sea

Two American women and their dogs have been rescued by the US Navy after spending five months lost at sea.

The women set off in May, intending to sail from Hawaii to Tahiti. They suffered engine failure during a spot of poor weather early on, but decided to continue on their journey using their sails.

They ended up dramatically off course, rescued 1,500 miles southeast of the Japanese coast – and over 8,000 kilometres from their intended destination.

The women (and the dogs) endured a series of technical and equipment failures. Aside from the boat’s engine, the mast broke as did their water purifier.

They were able to repair it when they were down to their last jug of fresh water. They put their survival down to good planning, as they brought over a year of supplies including oats, pasta and presumably dog biscuits.

They were also equipped with a communication device to make distress calls, but were too far out to sea and not within the vicinity of any vessel, so their calls went unanswered.

They were originally discovered by a Taiwanese fishing vessel, who notified the Navy of their presence.

The Navy shared a video on Twitter, showing the excited sailors – human and canine alike – when they realised they were set to be rescued.

The women will remain on the Navy vessel until the next port of call, where they will be able to set foot on dry land before making their way back to the US.

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