Genius waits for museum-goers to match the art, and the results are amazing

In his ongoing series, entitled People Matching Artworks, photographer Stefan Draschan turns art lovers into artworks themselves.

The project features humorous photos of museum-goers unexpectedly (and unknowingly) matching the exhibits. For instance, one man’s clothes has the same colour palette as a nearby painting. A woman’s hairstyle, meanwhile, seamlessly blends in with an artwork’s aesthetic.

Although the entire thing might seem staged, Draschan promises that it isn’t. He just has a lot patience, often lurking and staking out museums for hours, waiting for the opportune moment to shoot.

Draschan has gone to various museums in Paris, Vienna, and Berlin, but don’t be surprised if he suddenly appears in a museum near you. If that happens, be ready with your most artistic outfit!

You can see Draschan’s other equally-amusing projects on his website.