Featured Image for This fashionable romper features an extreme close up of Kim Jong-Un’s face

This fashionable romper features an extreme close up of Kim Jong-Un’s face

All hail the Supreme Leader, whose glorious face is in vogue five seasons in a year.

What do you get when you cross one of the most controversial political world figures and and one of the most controversial fashion items of 2017?

A male romper that prominently features the face of North Korean strongman Kim Jong Un, of course.

The abomination in question comes from the fashion-forward minds of Getonfleek. You’ll find it on their website, between the burrito cat and the giraffe pirate.

Don't forget to grab your #KimJongUn romper! All the cool kids are wearing them. #ItsOnSaleToo

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As you can see from the image, the design features Kim’s winning smile. And while the design doesn’t capture the dictator’s entire face, it’s easy enough to recognise him. Unless you’re this mum who couldn’t tell her own son apart from the NoKor leader.

This one-piece is, of course, troubling, but the bigger issue here is the continuing fascination with the male romper, also known as the bromper or RompHim.

These brave guys rocked the look for Esquire, who captured reactions both from them and the victimised public:


Our reaction closely mirrors the cyclist in the video: “Oh my god! Don’t do that! Unless you can fight really good, unless you know six different fighting styles, do not wear no rompers man!”

To be fair to Getonfleek, their merchandise ain’t all that bad.

Some are quite tasteful (get it?)

Yesssssssssss hunny! #outfitgoals #ramen #getonfleek @getonfleek_official

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Getonfleek Amazing Male Rompers With Fun WTF Patterns http://www.factriver.com/17781 #fashion #getonfleek #maleromper #romper #wtf

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Interested in adding a controversial (for more than one reason) piece of clothing to your wardrobe? Get the Kim Jong Un romper here for just over $105 AUD.

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