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This is why you should never rob an artist

A New York artist was barely making ends meet when her luck took a turn for the worse. 

Laura Murray was told “If you scream, I’m going to shoot you” as she was accosted at gunpoint near her apartment.

The perpetrators were an uncle/nephew combo that took Murray’s wallet. She managed to keep her phone by telling them she didn’t own one.

The professional artist showed Bruce Willis-level grit as she kept a level head and memorised one of the men’s faces. She was able to recall facial features, height, weight and general appearance.

She then used her skills as a professional artist to commit the mugger’s face to the canvas. After calling the cops, she immediately pulled out a notepad and began to draw the assailant. When the authorities arrived they were impressed by the work and asked to keep it to assist them.

A few days later, the boys in blue called Murray (good thing she kept the phone) and said they had apprehended someone who looked like her drawing. She was able to pick Robert Yarbrough out of a lineup and he was successfully prosecuted for the crime.

Yarbrough got 44 years in the big house due to previous charges for rape, weapons and drugs. Real piece of work. His nephew, a minor at the time, pleaded guilty to robbery and was sentenced to eight years.

Murray now intends to pursue a career as a courtroom and NYPD sketch artist.

Gun Sketch

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